Pastured Poultry

Cobb Creek pastured poultry is raised the old fashioned way: on fresh green pasture and wholesome, non-GMO feed. Our model has been developed over the last twenty years and allows the birds to be raised in a cleaner, healthier, happier environment. All Cobb Creek boilers are harvested humanely right on the farm in our USDA inspected processing facility.


Pastured Pork

Our pigs are raised unconfined and provided with plenty of room to roam, with access to sun and fresh air. It’s this sustainable lifestyle that provides you with delicious organic pork with a difference you can taste.

chicken house.jpg

Mobile Range coops

Cobb Creek Farm is changing the world of pastured poultry with innovation, and we want to empower other farmers to do the same. Mobile Range Coops can be moved daily to fresh pasture, allowing chickens to enjoy fresh air, forage, exercise, and sunshine. Healthy, happy animals mean healthy, happy customers.