Mobile Range coops


Cobb Creek Farm is changing the world of pastured poultry with innovation, and we want to empower other farmers to do the same. Mobile Range Coops can be moved daily to fresh pasture, allowing chickens to enjoy fresh air, forage, exercise, and sunshine. Healthy, happy animals mean healthy, happy customers.


Maximize Efficiency

To maximize our efficiency for pastured broiler production, Cobb Creek Farm has developed a movable hoop structure we call the Mobile Range Coop. Together with Poly-Tex Greenhouse, we spent much of the fall of 2014 designing and developing a structure that could house up to 600 broilers or 150 layers and be moved daily over a fresh pasture. We believe this model is the way of the future in large scale pastured poultry production and would like to offer you a leg up in the pastured poultry industry.


Features & Specifications


  • 20’ x 36’ Metal hoop structure

  • Complete galvanized steel framing

  • 2” Square galvanized steel skid for easy movement

  • 2” Round galvanized steel tube framing (hoops on 6’ centers)

  • Square galvanized end wall framing

  • 2Manual roll-up sides

  • 2 Roll-up gable vents for end walls

  • 6mm white polyethylene covering

  • 90% shade cloth for summer heat

  • 7’ Head clearance at truss (hoop height 10’6”)

  • 2-4’ End wall doors with latches

  • Earth anchors system for anchoring in high wind

  • Brackets/Hardware supplied for lumber attachment to frame

  • One year warranty

Does not include:

  • Chicken wire

  • Belting for front/back

  • Lumber

  • Chain for Pulling

  • Chicken Drinkers

  • Plumbing

  • Chicken Feeders