our roots

Cobb Creek Farm was founded in 2012 when Cody Smith decided to leave the hustle and bustle of the corporate world to live a more rural lifestyle.  He chose Hillsboro Texas due to its longtime farming culture as well as its proximity to several of the larger cities in Texas including Dallas, Fort Worth, and Waco.  Initially the farm started as a cow/calf cattle ranch with the large emphasis being healing of the land.  With the use of MiG and mob grazing, strides were made quickly in this area.  Large parts of the ranch that initially had 50-60% ground cover were near 100% coverage in just a couple of years. 


Sheep and pastured chickens were added to the farm.  It became apparent quickly that chickens had the greatest impact on land health.  A multitude of lush green grasses grew in the areas behind where the chicken coops were moved.  Dung beetles and earth worms returned to the once degraded soils.  After seeing this land improvement, raising chickens became the primary focus of Cobb Creek.  A small scale inspected kill plant was added to handle the 2000+ birds that were produced per week as well as providing custom processing for clients.


Cobb Creek Farm now operates mainly as one of the largest pastured poultry producers in the country.  Pastured pork was also added in 2017.


Meet the Farmers


Cody Smith - Farm Owner and Visionary

Cody, a life-long entrepreneur, co-founded and worked for many years at a large corporate bankruptcy and restructuring practice in Orlando, Florida. He achieved financial success but grew weary of the corporate world, realizing that he wanted to do work that benefited the land and other people. In 2012, Cody hung up the corporate hat and moved his family to Texas in search of the perfect ranch. He found that ranch in Hillsboro and created Cobb Creek Farm.

Cody and his fiancee are blessed with two amazing daughters, Vivian and Ariana.


Samantha Minter
Poultry Processing Manager

Grew up in South Texas where her love and interest for agriculture began. In 2015 she Graduated from Texas A&M University with a B.S. in Poultry Science. She worked for Texas Department of State Health Services as a meat inspector before joining Cobb Creek Farm as the Processing Plant Manager.


Cole Scoggin
Production Manager, Pastured Poultry

Cole was born and raised in Northern Virginia. Realizing at a young age that the big city life was not for him. Cole decided to go to West Virginia University where he studied Agricultural Business. Once leaving West Virginia Cole received the opportunity to visit and work for a family friend on his farm in Virginia. Where he found his passion for self-sustaining farming. For several years Cole worked at White Oak Pastures, a farm in SouthWest Georgia. There he developed the skills and knowledge for raising pasture-raised poultry. 

In 2017 Cole moved to Texas and joined the Cobb Creek team. Currently, Cole is over our pasture-raised poultry and hog operations. Coles lives on the farm with his wife Jamie where they are raising there two children, Addison and Grainger.