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At Cobb Creek Farm, we practice management-intensive grazing methods to restore fertility to the soil and to ensure the raising of happy, healthy animals. Our aim is not only to preserve, but to improve the land and our branch of the food system.

Pre-Slaughter Guide


Pre-Slaughter Consumers Guide

Expectations of our customers on the day of slaughter.

Cobb Creek Poultry is dedicated to providing our poultry processing customers with a great finished product.  In order to do our very best, we need your help.  Below describes what we will expect from you on the day we slaughter your birds.


  • Feed Withdraw:  Possibly the most important step in your pre-slaughter procedure. All poultry scheduled to be slaughtered MUST have their feed withdrawn at least 14 hours in advance, but NOT more than 24 hoursDO NOT withdraw drinking water.
  •  Crates:  All poultry must be presented for slaughter in suitable plastic crates.  If you don't have crates, we can either rent crates to you, or you can fill our crates with your birds upon arrival to the slaughter house.
  •  Drop-Off Procedure:  Unless you have made other arrangements with the Plant Manager, you are expected to drop off your birds at 7:30 AM.  Upon arrival and before unloading, you are expected to check in with the Plant Manager to fill out processing paperwork.
  •  Order of Processing:  It is our intention to start with those birds belonging to farmers that travel long distances.  While that may not always seem to be the case, please trust in our intention and allow us to slaughter in the order we see fit.
  •  Packaging and Labels:  We vacuum pack all products.  We also provide on-demand labeling with the ability to include product pricing on the label.  You do not need to bring labels.
  •  Pick-Up Procedure:  Unless you have made other arrangements with the Plant Manager, you are expected to pick-up your birds on the same day that you drop them off.  Pick-up time is between 3 and 5 PM.  Please bring plenty of very clean ice chests or other suitable containers for product pick-up.  Please leave your ice chests with us at the time of poultry drop off.  We will sanitize them and place your birds directly in them after packaging.  We do sell ice if you would like to ice down your product for the return trip.  We also sell boxes for transporting product, but I would only recommend this to those who are able to place the box in a separate insulated container.