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At Cobb Creek Farm, we practice management-intensive grazing methods to restore fertility to the soil and to ensure the raising of happy, healthy animals. Our aim is not only to preserve, but to improve the land and our branch of the food system.

Cobb Creek Farms Presents: Masterclass with Joel Salatin

Grazing Schools

In addition to producing great tasting, wholesome food, Cobb Creek also strives to educate farmers about sustainable grazing methods. Held at least four times a year, our Grazing Schools feature the industry's top experts (Gabe Brown, Walt Davis, Jim Gerrish, Johann Zietsman, and Jim Elizondo to name a few) and cover every aspect of grass farming. Topics include rotational grazing, high-density grazing, raising pastured poultry, and finishing grass-fed lamb. If you would like to be added to our school attendees email, please send your contact details to

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Cobb Creek Farms Presents: Masterclass with Joel Salatin

  • Church on the Hill 2000 Old Brandon Road Hillsboro, TX, 76645 United States (map)

Special guest speaker Joel Salatin from Polyface Farms

"How and Why to Farm like Polyface with a special focus on Building People and Markets"

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Virtual tour of Polyface

With nearly 400 slides, Joel walks you through the farm, from forestry to water systems, pigaerating, hay making and feeding, grazing management, pastured pigs, pastured poultry, portable infrastructure, irrigation, and pasture cropping. Heavily how-to with a liberal dose of why, this is as close to a farm visit as you can get without traveling to Virginia!


Break: A catered lunch will be provided




Believing that a farm is not truly sustainable until it supports two salaries from two different generations, Joel starts with the couple, then adds children, then adult children, and then non-family members.  How to get along when you can't get away, how to add labor without employees, memorandums of understanding, and building fiefdoms to create complementary community.  



We've all heard the adage:  "The middle man makes all the profits."  If that's the case, then why not be one?  Realizing that most farmers do not like people, Joel patiently explains how processing, marketing, and distribution add resilience and stability to production dollars.  This session addresses the assets and liabilities of different marketing venues and relationships, protocols for sales, and where trend lines in food interfaces.