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At Cobb Creek Farm, we practice management-intensive grazing methods to restore fertility to the soil and to ensure the raising of happy, healthy animals. Our aim is not only to preserve, but to improve the land and our branch of the food system.

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Grass-Fed Beef

Grass-fed cows are happy cows. Cobb Creek Farm is certified by the American Grassfed Association and Global Animal Partnership. We currently have over 300 predominantly Black Angus cattle, which are rotated daily to fresh pasture.


Here at Cobb Creek Farm our core herds are Black Angus cows consisting of both heifers and low-maintenance bulls. Our bulls come from Pharo Cattle Company in Cheyenne Wells, Colorado, and are pastured in Burleson, Texas, in conjunction with our partners Kirk and Cherri Jackson. In Hillsboro, we run a commercial herd of Black Angus heifers which are bred with the top-sorted, low birth weight Pharo bulls.

Cobb Creek is also a cooperative producer for the Grassfed Livestock Alliance. The cattle we raise for GLA are all natural, grass-fed and grass-finished.

care for the animals.
care for the land.

Cobb Creek Farm uses management-intensive grazing, a system that works within the natural bounds of the environment to produce not only healthy animals and nutritious meat, but also healthy soils and plants. The results are self-perpetuating fields that not only last from one year to the next, but grow and become healthier pastures over time. It is a system creates harmony between humans, animals and the earth.

How it works: animals are moved daily into new paddocks with fresh forage, leaving the area previously grazed to regrow and the manure to break down, providing natural fertilizer for the soil and plants. Moving the animals so frequently ensures that vegetation is never grazed too low to interfere with vigor and regrowth, and also ensures that animals are never feasting on or near their fresh waste.

why we do it.

Our American food system is plagued with a massive amount of meat from poorly-treated animals raised in Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs). Animals in CAFOs are plagued with disease and routinely fed antibiotics to fight off illness. They are fed growth hormones to increase size at shocking and unnatural speeds. Management-intensive grazing stands in opposition to this larger and more dominant crisis of a food system.

In a system where sunshine is part of the animals’ every day life and animals have fresh grazing pasture every day, parasite load pressure is eliminated and our animals are naturally clean and healthy. Because we manage our pastures for the specific nutrient content of grasses and other forage plants, our animals grow at a healthy rate and their meat contains more nutrients and a richer flavor profile than their factory-raised counterparts.

A System Within A Movement.

The increasingly popular local food movement seeks both the health of consumers and the success of small-scale farmers. People passionate about the local food movement want to know exactly where their food comes from, how it is raised, and what it contains. Large food producers mix together animals and crops from dozens—if not hundreds—of farms, and are able to hide poor practices behind closed doors. Not only do consumers not know where their food comes from, but they have no idea what it contains. By bypassing big corporations and choosing to buy from small farmers, consumers not only have a richer, more personal experience with their food, but can rest assured that it was raised sustainably.

We at Cobb Creek Farm are passionate about the local food movement and proud to show off our innovative, sustainable farming techniques. Our farmers make a decent living; our animals live out their lives in a humane, natural setting; and you, the consumer, are empowered with the knowledge of not only where your food comes from, but that it was raised well.